Food Tasting Weekend: Mary Laine’s Cafe

We didn’t know about of this cafe until a student from BSU recommended this place to us and said this is a favorite among college students. Hi there miss, if you’re reading this post. Thank you so much for the heads up on this cozy place.

According to her, she and her friends frequent this place for the relaxing and homey atmosphere . Out of curiosity, we asked for directions and planned our trip as soon as our schedules favored us. When we asked what made the place worth visiting, our source responded, “You have to try the place out and see why we love going there.” — so we did!

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Afternoon bliss at Tuesday Café, Banay Banay

Along the highway of Paseo San Jose, Banay Banay lies a spacious and cozy café that’s sure to warm your heart… and tummy. On this week’s adventure, we headed out to Tuesday Café. If you’re coming from either Batangas City or Lipa, chances are, you’ve seen this establishment with it’s nifty signage.
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Nostalgia at Café G

Tucked away in the quaint heritage town of Taal Batangas lies a hidden gem. Just a few minutes walk from the Minor Basilica of St. Martin of Tours is a charming café that’s definitely worth a visit. Today we visited Café G. A picturesque and instagram worthy cafe that takes you back in time. We’ve finally managed to sneak in some time to drop by Taal since we haven’t visited since 2015.

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Beyond Batangas City: Kina Imus Lomi Review

Batangas has seen a growing trend in the lomi scene for the past three  (3) years. By this we mean that lomi houses are reinventing the once street food / carinderia staple by coming up with a wide array of toppings you never knew would be this good paired with the thick noodle dish we came to know and love.

On this week’s adventure, we head out to the famous Kina Imus Lomi house in San Luis, Batangas.

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Malabrigo Lighthouse: Lobo’s Hidden Gem

Malabrigo Lighthouse

Just two (2) hours away from Manila, you’ll be able to visit this victorian-inspired Lighthouse in Lobo, Batangas. The place is perfect for a much needed road trip and escape from the city. Using our google maps, we’re headed to our destination – the Malabrigo Lighthouse or known locally as the “Parola”. Continue reading “Malabrigo Lighthouse: Lobo’s Hidden Gem”