Marian Orchard: Secret Garden at Balete, Batangas

Have you ever watched the 1993 fantasy-drama ‘The Secret Garden’? The movie centers on the lives of three children finding a hidden and magical garden full of amazing flora and fauna.

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Bo’s Coffee Bauan

One fine day after our heavy pasta lunch, we craved for something sweet. Bo’s is our go-to place when we need our caffeine fix, the branch at the Poblacion area of Bauan, Batangas is our favorite. We got the best seats that day because we sat near the window area overlooking the green plant which made our stay very relaxing.

We were doing a bit of shooting that afternoon and we wanted to rest for a while so we decided to head out to Bo’s.  Like most of their coffee houses, the Bo’s branch in Bauan has that local rustic vibe. The walls are painted with different locations in the Philippines and the interiors pretty much emanates the “chill” vibe where you can do some school work, paperwork and just plain hang out. Also, the smell of coffee is enough to lure you in for the long haul and wakes up the senses.

We were brainstorming for out next trip and projects, so stay tuned. =)

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Photowalk around Bayan, Batangas City

Before Pokemon Go existed, we always looked forward to sunny afternoons just to go on Photowalks where we capture random street art and images depicting daily life here in Batangas City. Even if we didn’t have anything to do, we just anticipated long walks hoping to see something interesting. We love to take pictures and watch people go through their daily routines.

Here is a compilation of some of the images taken a few weeks ago.

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