Batangas Country Club Resort & Hotel

If you would like to take a breather from the stress of work and even school, there’s a place in the city that can take you to a real life secret garden. Welcome to Batangas Country Club. Located at Santa Rita, Bolbok, Batangas City – 5 to 10 minutes away from Batangas City Grand Terminal.

This serene and tranquil place is perfect for weddings, christenings and debuts. The garden boasts of lush greens and a pool area where you can swim the worries away.


At the center of the Country Club is a wide function area which caters to big events such as weddings, seminars and reunions. But what’s more eye catching is their pavilion with its lights and vines embracing most of the framework of the structure. It gives off a romantic and magical feel to it.

Located near the pavilion and the function hall is the Kalesa Grill. The wooden tables and chairs give off a very rustic and laid back feel. Across from the dining area is the Mango Bar where you can be served with different cocktails, alcohol and beverage of your choice. Walk-In customers are very much welcome as our guide told us. Contrary to common notion that you can only enjoy a hotel bar once checked in, this place accommodates anyone.

20170124_101732 copy.jpg


Let’s not forget the entertainment area. Beside the Mango Bar is a bacheloresque space with its billiards, giant wooden chess board, dart board and awesome foosball table. This little spot would be perfect for get together with the gang. 


And lastly, we showcase the bungalows. Strategically build surrounding the country club are the bungalows complete with all the amenities and comfort of home. Each one has a terrace for you to lounge in for those morning wake up stretches and with a very peaceful view overlooking the resort, this place can really give you the recharge you need.


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