Malabrigo Lighthouse: Lobo’s Hidden Gem


Just two (2) hours away from Manila, you’ll be able to visit this victorian-inspired Lighthouse in Lobo, Batangas. The place is perfect for a much needed road trip and escape from the city. Using our google maps, we’re headed to our destination – the Malabrigo Lighthouse or known locally as the “Parola”.

Malabrigo Lighthouse

On this particular weekend, we set out to explore the notable Faro de Punta de Malabrigo, commonly known as the Malabrigo Lighthouse. The Victorian inspired lighthouse was designed and conceptualized by Guillermo Brockman in 1891 and constructed by Jose Garcia in 1896. The structure served as a beacon to sea vessels at the Verde Island passage and has been declared as a National Historical Landmark in 2006.


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Malabrigo Lighthouse

The lighthouse sits atop a lush greenery surrounded by flowers, overlooking the Verde Islands. It’s tranquil and definitely a place of solitude. The structure is well maintained, as if you were actually in the 1890’s. Walking around in one of history’s most amazing landmark gives off that nostalgic feel and would even remind you of the Spanish Colonial period.

11 Malabrigo Lighthouse



But there is also another hidden gem on this area of Lobo. Just beyond the lighthouse, among the trees is a small staircase going down to one of the most beautiful beaches in Batangas. This isn’t your average white beach. It boasts of a pebble shoreline which has been artfully crafted by the ocean waves. You will see fishermen and an array of kamias produce being dried out under the glorious sun.  This place is worth a long drive if you want to discover something incredible from history and the amazing work of mother nature.



How to get there:

  1. From SM Batangas, head to Libjo / Pallocan route and follow the long stretch of road. It will take you an hour to reach Pinamucan Proper where the Monte Maria Shrine stands.
  1. Just past the Monte Maria Shrine, follow the road downhill to the town of Ilijan, Batangas. You know you’re on the right track when you find a line of houses, beach resorts and overlooking the sea.
  1. Continue traversing the straight road through Ilijan proper, at the near end of the road is an intersection, turn left on this course. You will see a road sign pointing to the left area that says “LOBO”.
  1. The town proper of Lobo will take around an hour from Ilijan where you left off. Take your google maps and find the way to the bridge that will take you to Barangay Fabrica, the Barangay Malabrigo. You know you’re close to the light house when you go through a steep zigzag curve of road going up. A few more minutes beyond this area you will finally arrive at the Malabrigo Lighthouse.

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