Beyond Batangas City: Kina Imus Lomi Review

Batangas has seen a growing trend in the lomi scene for the past three  (3) years. By this we mean that lomi houses are reinventing the once street food / carinderia staple by coming up with a wide array of toppings you never knew would be this good paired with the thick noodle dish we came to know and love.

On this week’s adventure, we head out to the famous Kina Imus Lomi house in San Luis, Batangas.


What sets this Lomi house a cut above the rest? Let us give you the reasons why.

  1. Toppings

    It includes SISIG – yes, you read it right, sisig! together with crispy thin cut kikiam, deep fried dumplings, lumpiang shanghai and a whole egg.  Plus, the thick noodles are just the right amount to perfectly blend well with the toppings. Ika nga, walang umay. You also get a heaping amount of crispy garlic and bits of parsely for the extra flair. 

    Kina Imus Lomi House

  2. Patok (Popular)

    Kina Imus Lomi House has been featured in a segment of Jessica Soho’s television show about different provincial specialties in the country. This fun fact alone gives you all the more reason to try this place out, not to mention the amazing story behind this awesome lomi house.

  3. Provincial Life

    Spacious and serene environment. Mapuno, mahangin, maaliwalas. Period. 

    Kina Imus Lomi House

  4. Instagrammable!

    Get your cameras ready! Dine al fresco under the trees.

    Kina Imus Lomi House

Aside from the reasons stated above, the place is a family business so you feel right at home. Our favorite spot has to be the meal under the trees. You have the option to dine al fresco style (outside) or within the house. Opt for the meal under the trees, it’s the best spot for digging  into that bowl of deliciousness!

All in all, our experience was an exquisite one. We definitely recommend this place to lomi advocates out there.

Lomian Pro Tip:  Kina Imus is often packed on the holidays and weekends. If you want to get good seating and not make a rush out of your meal, head on during weekdays and late afternoons where it isn’t as crowded and you get to fully appreciate what this place has to offer.



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