Afternoon bliss at Tuesday Café, Banay Banay

Along the highway of Paseo San Jose, Banay Banay lies a spacious and cozy café that’s sure to warm your heart… and tummy. On this week’s adventure, we headed out to Tuesday Café. If you’re coming from either Batangas City or Lipa, chances are, you’ve seen this establishment with it’s nifty signage.

The interiors have semi pop rock Americana vibe with its matte black walls and vibrant wall  decorations. And the long leather couches! Do sit there! =)  The staff is very friendly. If you can’t decide what to order, they can give you great recommendations for as a start without killing your wallet. We already had lunch earlier so we opted for the frappes and a slice of cake for merienda.


For the frappes, we had Java Orange, Chocolate Mint Chip and Dark Chocolate respectively, along with a slice of “Black velvet” cheesecake. Yes, it’s not red.  The Java Orange was delectable and really smooth. It contains just the perfect amount of citrus to compliment the sweetness of the whipped cream coffee base. The Chocolate Mint Chip is such a child’s delight.  It’s not too sweet nor too bitter which is a big plus for us. Lastly, the Dark Chocolate is also a big winner because it’s so good.  A big thumbs up to the owners and barristas for have an exquisite selection of chocolates for their drinks.

Tuesday Cafe


Moving on to the Black Velvet cheesecake – it’s decadent and very fulfilling to the tummy. It’s a great way to cap off your afternoon meal or snack. What makes this café even more enticing is the awesome movie selection they air. Actually, it’s just cable, but good cable nonetheless. Lastly, a super big thumbs up for their charging station. We have been to countless cafés but rarely do we find the amenity of a charging station for the customer’s gadgets, so this is really a huge plus.

PRO TIP:  The best time to visit Tuesday Café is after lunch or late afternoon to fully enjoy the place.



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