Nostalgia at Café G

Tucked away in the quaint heritage town of Taal Batangas lies a hidden gem. Just a few minutes walk from the Minor Basilica of St. Martin of Tours is a charming café that’s definitely worth a visit. Today we visited Café G. A picturesque and instagram worthy cafe that takes you back in time. We’ve finally managed to sneak in some time to drop by Taal since we haven’t visited since 2015.


Enter the café and your senses are awakened with the smell of pastries and hint of florals. The staff are friendly and cheerful, welcoming you as you open the door, offering their warm smiles and pleasant greetings. The walls are adorned with inspiring messages and delightful interiors – much like a doll house.  The pastel interior is a pleasant take which compliments not only the entire theme of the venue but also gives you a sense of nostalgia while dining in this historic town.


We highly suggest you stay at the pool side dining area to get the best seat in the house. There you will be immersed in what could be a quick journey back in time. Imagine those huge houses you see in old Filipino films? with an overlooking veranda by the poolside, and wooden chairs and tables while petals from the bougainvillea covers the white walls giving off that rustic vibe.

Cafe G has two areas you can opt to dine in – indoors or outdoors. The indoor has the quaint vintage pastel theme. There are wooden chairs and tables, white and brick walls and inspirational messages adorning the interiors. We find the counter area really lovely with its display of pastries and fancy containers. =)


The outdoor area – in this case, the terrace is our favorite.  Dining by the pool side is very relaxing. The cool afternoon breeze and the chirping of their pet love birds makes you feel really at home. There’s a mini bar area on this spot if you’d like to share a few cocktails with friends to get the stories flowing. *wink*.  We’re already planning when to come back here to try the other items on their menu.


Now on with the food. We had potato wedges, dark chocolate hazelnut frappe, chocolate frappe, blueberry and red velvet mug cakes. We loved the generous portions of the potato wedges not to mention the heaping amount of ketchup and mayo dip. The breading was light and made the wedges extra crispy. The frappes were just right – not too sweet, not too bitter, which is something we really loved. Lastly, the mug cakes were splendid! Fluffy and tasty just as we like them.


All in all, our dining experience was really enjoyable.  We have yet to try the other selections on their menu, which means more escapades in the near future. To those who love the feel of nostalgia and good food, put this on your go-to list when you visit the heritage town of Taal.


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