CIUDAD Food Crawl Series – Episode 1: FROZEN HUB

Batangas City finally welcomes its very first food park – a concept often only seen in Metro Manila. It finally made its way to Southern Luzon. So how does our very own Ciudad Food Avenue draw in the crowds of hungry foodies? Come with us as we explore one post at a time what this amazing place has to offer.

At the heart of Diversion Road, Balatagas, Batangas City, a few meters walk beyond the Batangas City grand terminal, you’ll find a food hub that looks so alive at night with its warm lights, attractive shop exteriors and the nutritious aroma of food, which draws you in. On this first episode, we decided to head on to Frozen Hub.

This dessert establishment not only boasts of delectable desserts but mouthwatering meals for the hungry wanderer. The dainty and classic Parisian themed exteriors will really lure you in. From the adorable and instagram-worthy façade, you can’t help but take photos.


The atmosphere here is very charming. Once inside, your senses will be delighted and your inner child will do the backflip when you see the wide array of gelatos by the counter.


The menu is enticing. They serve gelato, ice cream, freak shakes, rice meals, pastas and a wide array of sandwiches. There’s something for any age. But we’re here for the desserts. We ordered their best sellers which is the Unicorn Shake and the Crazy Nutella freak shake. The Unicorn Shake was a winner!


Not too sweet or over loaded. It’s composed of flavored wafer rolls, marshmallows, whipped cream, and the best part, the blue bubblegum. The experience alone felt like eating a glass of rainbows.

The Crazy Nutella is such a crowd pleaser and extremely indulgent as well. Who can go wrong with a glass full of Nutella over ice cream? We also had a side order of crispy fries for sharing. And lastly, we just have to mention that we chose to eat at their second floor dining area which is very relaxing.


The ceiling is adorned with blue fairy lights, while the walls are filled with inspirational decors. The wooden chairs and tables adds just a little hint of that rustic vibe which makes everything works together.

Overall, our dining experience was really gratifying to the senses. Be sure to visit Frozen Hub when you feel like your sweet tooth is kicking in. The best time to visit is during the evening when the whole place is well lit and the atmosphere is more vibrant.


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