Visit Batangas City is the brainchild of three musketeers whose mission is to explore and experience all that our hometown has to offer and beyond. We are photo hobbyists who loves travel and try out new things.  We have a fondness for interior design, history and adventure.

 And yes, we will stay anonymous 🙂



The main purpose of this website is to promote local tourism, provide food reviews and showcase Batangas City via our webpage. We’re humbled to say that through our featured entries, we are able to make people happy and motivate them to grow and continue their business. We welcome you readers to our little home here in on WordPress. And thank you for the visit.



This blog site started at Feb 2013 at micro blogging platform, Tumblr.
We’ve decided to migrate to WordPress on August 2016.



Although this site is originally dedicated to showcasing Batangas City,  occassionally, we’ll be featuring other wonderful places we’ve been to,  share related news and other interesting stuff! 🙂

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Come and join us as we explore Batangas City – our hometown!

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