Food Tasting Weekend: Mary Laine’s Cafe

We didn’t know about of this cafe until a student from BSU recommended this place to us and said this is a favorite among college students. Hi there miss, if you’re reading this post. Thank you so much for the heads up on this cozy place. According to her, she and her friends frequent this…

Afternoon bliss at Tuesday Café, Banay Banay

Along the highway of Paseo San Jose, Banay Banay lies a spacious and cozy café that’s sure to warm your heart… and tummy. On this week’s adventure, we headed out to Tuesday Café. If you’re coming from either Batangas City or Lipa, chances are, you’ve seen this establishment with it’s nifty signage.

Nostalgia at Café G

Tucked away in the quaint heritage town of Taal Batangas lies a hidden gem. Just a few minutes walk from the Minor Basilica of St. Martin of Tours is a charming café that’s definitely worth a visit. Today we visited Café G. A picturesque and instagram worthy cafe that takes you back in time. We’ve…

Food Tasting Weekend: Cafe St. Honore

Spontaneity sure does wonders, especially when you’re hungry. We breezed through midweek traffic and headed down to Café St. Honore located at Balagtas, Batangas City. What sets this place apart from other cafes in the city is the charming wood and stone interior, reminding you of that rustic country side feel. For some reason, this…

Food Tasting Weekend: Hot and Cold Cafe

Hot and Cold located at Alangilan, Batangas City was our stop one afternoon. We were peckish, and we were all craving for some rice meals that will satisfy our hunger after spending an entire afternoon doing shoots in the hot blistering outdoors.  Summer weather is normal here in Batangas.  ^^ We randomly threw suggestions to…

Brother John’s Cafe (Closed)

Who’s brother John? The place looks fancy from the streets of Lawas. Those lights lured us in and we thought, ooh another cafe! Lucky us, there’s no people around when we came in.

Ann’s Home Cakes and Pastries

They have the amazing varieties of sweets! From revel bars to yema balls and cake slices! Eclairs, chocolate chips and red velvet cupcakes! I can’t wait to indulge~ Ready thy sweet tooths!