Food Tasting Weekend: Cafe St. Honore

Cafe St. Honore

Spontaneity sure does wonders, especially when you’re hungry. We breezed through midweek traffic and headed down to Café St. Honore located at Balagtas, Batangas City.

What sets this place apart from other cafes in the city is the charming wood and stone interior, reminding you of that rustic country side feel. For some reason, this place reminds us of Hogsmead.  The cafe’s intricate orange cupcake sign outside the establishment would surely make you turn and say, “Hey, let’s go there”.

Cafe St. Honore

The name of the establishment is inspired by St. Honoratus of Amiens, the patron of bakers and patissiers  (pastry chefs).  The owners’ love for baking and good food is reflected through out the cafe.

Cafe St. HonoreCafe St. Honore

Cafe St. Honore

We were greeted by warm smiles from the staff and instantly, you get a cozy feel-at-home vibe once inside. They serve pastas, pastries, sandwiches and burgers. Their outstanding choices are the drinks.  On this particular day, we had the Café St. Honore beef burger, hot milk and matcha shake. You can also purchase your choice of pastries at the counter. They also do special orders, catering and deliveries for your special occasion.

Cafe St. Honore

Cafe St. Honore

The dining experience gets even more personal with the inspiring messages on the wall and fascinating pieces adorned the interiors. Seeing snippets of positive thoughts that can really make your day. We really had a wonderful time here. This place is relaxing where you can just really unwind and eat to your heart’s content.

Cafe St. Honore

All in all, the place is very lovely and the food is splendid. A special shout out to the savory French Fries!


Food Tasting Weekend: Hot and Cold Cafe

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We randomly threw suggestions to each other battling it out which one to stop by for today’s pig out – Hot and Cold versus the ultimate Hungry Hippo (next time!)

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